DeSean Jackson Jumps Off Balcony Into Pool; Rap Music is Priority (Video)


desean jackson rapping

If you haven’t heard Instagram has video now, so DeSean Jackson decided to go YOLO with the videos. 1st video was about Jaccpot Records (I have no idea what he is saying) because he wants to be a rap mogul more than a football player these days.

The last video though is something the Eagles and their fans might not like. It is one thing to jump into your pool from a safe distance, but jumping from the balcony, is a bit more risky.

The Eagles need DeSean healthy and focused during the season, they may be lucky to get one of the two.


  1. For a young black man who went to Cal, DeSean Jackson is acting like a idiot! If Jackson has terrible two a day camp work outs, Chip Kelly should cut him before the season starts. It pisses me off so much when I see a black athlete with so much talent waste it on bullsh*t!

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