DeSean Jackson Says Dad Had Dogs Chase Him To Increase His Speed


Many people wonder why DeSean Jackson spends so much time rapping and less on football, it’s probably because he had football shoved down his throat since he was a young child.

If you are not aware of the total DeSean Jackson story, it can be deep at times.  Jackson has a documentary coming out titled DeSean Jackson: Making of a Father’s Dream, which focuses on his athletic prowess from early childhood until now.

Jackson’s father pushed him unlike any other.  The documentary was shot over 17 years, and Jackson’s father unfortunately won’t be able to see it, because he passed away in 2009 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jackson was on the Jim Rome Show today, and spoke about the times his father would tie a tennis ball to his waist, and have a dog that DeSean was scared of chase him.

“At times he pushed me over and beyond… if child services would have seen him, they probably would have taken him to jail because of the things he used to make me do.”

“In middle school or high school, he used to tie a rope around me and put a tennis ball on it. My auntie had a dog I was scared of and he’s like, every time that dog catches you, you’re not going to eat. I used to be running through the park trying to get away from this dog, I was terrified. He only probably got me a couple of times.”

I’ve seen snippets of the documentary, and it’s rough at times for Jackson.  He ultimately achieved his goal, but at what cost, and did of those years of being pushed, cause Jackson to now not take football as serious.

Here is a preview and brief snippet of the Documentary.