DeSean Jackson Says Hiring Jay-Z Might Help His Rap Career

Desean Jackson Chain 2

I have said this a couple of times already on Twitter, but DeSean Jackson is probably more interested in being a Rap Mogul than an all-pro Wide Receiver.

It is the reason eventually he will end up with Roc Nation Sports after firing Drew Rosenhaus (even though he still owes Rosenhaus $400k). Jackson was asked about the break up,  who his next agent will be and here is what he had to say courtesy of Pro Football Zone.

“I don’t know right now,” Jackson said, per “It’s a lot of thoughts. The [reports] are what they are, but coming out of my mouth, I don’t know yet.”

Jackson was asked if possibly hiring Jay-Z could help his rap career.

“What do you think?” Jackson said. “I don’t know, man. Might be.”

Jackson says he fired Drew Rosehaus over “personal issues.”

The birdies tell me it is pretty much a done deal Jackson to Roc Nation Sports, he is just waiting on a little bit of the heat to go down on Hov before making it official.

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  • Although YOUR DYCK-Riding for Dude is Ridiculously OVERWHELMING Though… I GIVE PROPS when Props are DUE (You CALLED THIS ONE from The VERY BEGINNING…) #YUPPP

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