Diamondbacks Brandon McCarthy Suffers Seizure Linked To Past Concussion

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Scary moment occurred last Monday when right handed pitcher Brandon McCarthy went down with a seizure while at a restaurant with his wife.

McCarthy is already on the disabled list due to shoulder inflammation suffered just 2 days before the seizure. Last September when on the A’s he went down after being hit on the head by a line drive, and a connection is being linked between that head injury and the seizure.

McCarthy was rushed immediately to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale where he received a CT scan and was put on anti-seizure medication. Thankfully the scan revealed no head trauma, McCarthy later described the incident:

“I remember someone restraining me and telling me I had a seizure,…I don’t really remember much past that until I was at the hospital.” It was the first seizure he’s ever had.”

The important thing is that McCarthy is alright. But it just goes to show just how serious concussions can be.