Doc Rivers Says Bill Simmons is a “Fan” & Ruined NBA Draft Broadcast (Video)


There are a lot of reasons why Doc Rivers is currently the coach of the Clippers right now. One of those reasons is Doc Rivers wanted to get the hell out-of-town before the Celtics traded all their players.

The Celtics didn’t want a coach, who didn’t want to be around during a rebuilding phase, so they did their best to get something for him, considering he was under contract.

I don’t fault Rivers, Celtics or Bill Simmons. There is truth in everything they are saying. Doc shouldn’t just get a pass and if someone in the media wants to discuss him fleeing the scene, they shouldn’t be called an idiot. Unless of course it was an idiotic statement and in this case it wasn’t.

Sounds like Doc and Bill have some personal beef, that is what I gather from this snippet of Doc Rivers on the Dan Patrick show.

Is Bill Simmons a fan? Of course, but so is Magic Johnson. Lot of the media people at ESPN are biased toward certain teams and players. Bill Simmons has a job, his job is to give his opinion and not kiss up to coaches. If it is ok to call out players who did the same thing Doc Rivers, he is fair game to be called out as well.

5 thoughts on “Doc Rivers Says Bill Simmons is a “Fan” & Ruined NBA Draft Broadcast (Video)

  • dont forget the celts didnt want to pay a coach 7mil in a rebuilding process..

    • And it has ALWAYZ BEEN Reported that Danny came to Doc Rivers with the IDEAL of going elsewhere TO COACH Though (YUPPP…) SMDH

  • Once again I ask who is Bill Simmons and how did he get the privilege to broadcast along side Magic, Mike Wilbon and Jalen Rose?

    • Simmons has the privilege of being white.

  • The privilege of being white.

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