Dodgers And Diamondbacks To Open Next Season Opening Series In Sydney Australia


black sports online dodgers diamondbacks to open season in sydney


In an effort to bring America’s pastime to the masses MLB will once again start their season overseas.

In 2012 the Mariners and A’s opened the season in Japan, so Major League Baseball will again take the game to another country, this time Australia.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers will meet in Sydney to open the 2014 season. Of course, it will be fall time down under when the season starts, so expect baseball in some kind of elements.

The series will take place at Sydney Cricket Ground from Saturday March 22 until Sunday March 23, this will be the first time a competitive baseball fixture has taken place in the country.

The venture cost a whopping $13 million to organize but whatever helps the sport branch out is good in the long run…mate.

H/T: NBC Sports


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