Donovan McNabb Says He’s a Fan of RG3

Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb is trying to live vicariously through RG3. McNabb had a great career, a borderline Hall of Fame career (I personally wouldn’t vote for him, but I could see why others would), but he is  making something out of nothing by coming at RG3.

RG3 hasn’t done anything wrong or egregious, let the young man live.

I am a fan of his. I have watched him, I have watched the young generation that is playing now. I have been a fan and love the game of football. I think anytime anyone can just give you anything. … Deion [Sanders] has been doing it, Michael Irvin has been doing it, so why can’t I sit and talk to the guy?”

He said he “care less” if there is negative reaction to his public advice to Griffin and he “figured it could help him in many ways.”

McNabb needs to decide if he wants to be an analyst or a mentor. If he wants to be analyst he can say whatever he wants about RG3 because that is his job. If he wants to be a mentor, bashing the person you want to help in public, is not a very good way to help.

Make your decision Donovan.

One thought on “Donovan McNabb Says He’s a Fan of RG3

  • With all of this bashing of Donovan McNabb, I have one question in regards to his comments about RGIII. Is he wrong? It seems to me that we are bashing the messenger more so than actually evaluating what McNabb is saying.

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