Donte Stallworth On Hot Air balloon Crash: ‘My Butt Caught On Fire’


Donte Stallworth was asked to explain what it was like riding in a hot air balloon that literally clipped a power line.

“It felt exactly like the cartoons,” he said. “When you see people getting electrocuted on cartoons, that’s exactly what it felt like.”

Stallworth and his girlfriend suffered serious burns during a hot air balloon accident three months ago.  Stallworth who is expected to sign with the Redskins this week, said the balloon ride was on his girlfriends bucket list, so he surprised her for her birthday.

Stallworth told USA Today that everything was fine until the balloon hit the power line.

“Literally, my butt caught on fire,” he said. “And she was on fire as well.”

Stallworth admitted he had to laugh, because he had never been carted off from anything.

“Ten years of playing professional football and I never been carted off the field,” he said. “And I’ve never even been helped off the field. If I had a knee injury, I was able to get up and walk away on my own. And I go on a hot air balloon, something that seems very peaceful for two hours, and I’m getting airlifted to a hospital, life on the line.”

It’s good to know that Stallworth and his girlfriend are both fine and in good spirits.  I know he pretty much eliminated any shot of me ever riding in a hot air balloon.