Dr. J Says Lakers Trick The Sixers Into Taking Bynum; Claims Celtics are Shady Too


Dr. J

Dr. J thinks the Celtics and Lakers are shady when it comes to trades.

Besides David Stern blocking the Chris Paul trade, over the years the Lakers and Celtics have been known to swing trades extremely in their favor.

Here is what the Good Doctor had to say about the Andrew Bynum deal.

“When you talk to the Lakers, when you talk to the Celtics, when you talk to – well, those two in particular – the guy on the other end of the phone has his fingers crossed,” Erving said. “So whatever he’s telling you, he’s not telling you the truth. He’s working a deal for him. And what happened to us last year with getting damaged goods hopefully will only happen once. And that’s the extent of that learning curve.”


  1. Stop passing the blame. Did the Lakers force them to make the trade? The Sixers don’t employ doctors?

  2. Hello, I especially enjoyed reading your delightful blog a close chum of my brother suggested I would like it so I decided I’d take a closer look, I’m so glad I did, and I will no doubt be back shortly.

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