Drake Denied Access To Heat Locker Room After Game 7 (Video)


Rappers might have access to all the clubs, bars, and women that come along with Miami nightlife, but one place where being a hot rapper won’t get you is access to an NBA locker room.

Last night after the Heat won their 2nd NBA title in row, the rapper Drake and his entourage tried to make their way to the Heat’s lockerroom celebration.

In the video courtesy of ESPN Radio West Palm AM 760/106.3 FM, Drake was prevented from entering the locker room by security.

Drake is then told by security that only media members are allowed in.  Drake responded with the classic response of “I am media,”

Of course he was still denied entrance.  No word on whether or not his good friend King James was aware of the Drake being dissed by security.

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  • Ego,He dont care who win as long as he is seen.Lil wayne and all his bitches.

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