Drew Rosenhaus Files Grievance Against DeSean Jackson Over $400K In Unpaid Loans

Drew Rosenhaus

It was an open secret before DeSean Jackson got his contract extension with the Eagles he was broke and borrowing money from his then agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Jackson fired Rosenhaus because he is interested in become a rap mogul and Jay-Z Roc Nation Sports has become intriguing to him. Rosenhaus though would like the money back that Jackson borrowed from him.

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus has filed a grievance against Philadelphia Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson, alleging the former client owes him more than $400,000 in unpaid loans.

Rosenhaus is alleging that Jackson took multiple loans from him, beginning when Jackson hired Rosenhaus to represent him in November 2009 and continuing through March 2012, a source told Yahoo! Sports.

If Jackson didn’t pay him, Rosenhaus has a valid case. This probably something Jackson should have cleared up with Rosenhaus before he fired him.

6 thoughts on “Drew Rosenhaus Files Grievance Against DeSean Jackson Over $400K In Unpaid Loans

  • Let this be a lesson to all future professional athletes. Nobody is going to give you something for nothing. If a person, (especially a white man) gives you a large amount of money, you best believe it’s not a grant, it’s a loan! When you give somebody a loan, you expect to make the money back plus interest. DeSean Jackson is a young man playing a grown man’s game. In other words, he is in trouble!

    • WHEN IT Comes to Big-MONEY Business it has NOTHING to do with “White Man” Rhetoric Though… ALL AGENTS Regardless of Ethnicity LOAN $$$ to Their Clients if Their Clients CHOOSE TO BORROW $$$ From Them (That’s HOW THE GAME Works…)

      But I UNDERSTAND Where You’re Coming FROM Though (Real…)

  • WTF You mean by “IF” Though O_o

    Drew Ain’t hurting for NO CASH… TRUST DeSean Jackson OWES HIM $$$

  • This is why I am uncomfortable with Antonio Cromartie’s checks going to the agent to “manage” his finances.

  • Maybe Jay-Z can pay it for him. Then he’ll be in debt to Roc Nation.

  • White man??? Racist bullshit

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