Dwight Howard Doesn’t Want to Watch NBA Finals (Video)

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I am always interested to see whether NBA players continue watching the playoffs even after their team has been eliminated from contention. You always find some that are adamant about not watching the Finals at all and according to TMZ you can include one Dwight Howard in that category.

Dwight was leaving a restaurant last night and when asked by TMZ if he was watching the game inside, he responded:  “I’m not watching … I’m not playing so ain’t no need to be [watching].”

He added, “I don’t want to see nobody win a championship.”

I think Dwight stopped caring about basketball as soon as the Lakers season ended, so I don’t think it’s about watching other players win a championship. Either way, watch the video below and you decide.

One thought on “Dwight Howard Doesn’t Want to Watch NBA Finals (Video)

  • Dude stopped caring about basketball mid-way through the season.

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