Dwight Howard to Announce His “Decision” on July 10th

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Dwight wants to be LeBron so bad.

The correct way to do this is quietly. Go on your visits, make your decision, announce it in a nicely worded press release and move on.

But, since Dwight has a need to be fawned over, he is going to make a big production out of it and just make people dislike him even more.

This summer’s most-sought-after NBA free agent reportedly will drag out the drama when it comes to announcing which team he’ll play for next. A source close to Dwight Howard told ESPN Los Angeles Howard will be ready to choose and announce his free agent destination on July 10.

Speculation on Howard’s destination will continue until July 10, the first day NBA free agents can officially sign or re-sign with a team.

He is a Free Agent, so he shouldn’t be slammed for choosing any team he wants, that is his contractual right.  Hopefully, he goes about the process in a professional, non-buffoonish way, we will just have to wait and see.  I am sure all 8 of his baby mamas are waiting as well.

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  • He’s what sets the black man back at least 100 years.

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