Dwyane Wade Says He Isn’t 100%, But He Isn’t Coming Off the Floor

Dwyane Wade Deep V Neck

Here is the reality of the situation the D Wade of old probably is never coming back. The one that put an entire team on his back in 2006 doesn’t exist anymore.

Most players aren’t like Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant, they can’t sustain excellence for 17 years. In general you peak somewhere in your mid-late 20s and it is downhill after that.

We have seen Wade’s peak, so to expect that version of him to come back is unrealistic. The question is can the current version of Wade give LeBron enough help to win a second ring?

“Very tough, but I can’t sit at home,” Wade said, when asked how difficult it was for him to continue to push through his knee injury. “I have to come in and I have to do what I can every day and every night to help my team win.”

“It’s understood,” Wade said. “My other thing is I can tell him I give you everything I got, and that’s all I can do. Me being on the floor, me being out there, obviously everyone looks at scoring ‑‑ and the other two. I would love to score 20 or 30 a night. Everyone looks every game just how many points I put up, and that determines my success. That don’t really determine my success on this team every night. We understand that.

Wade is needed, if LeBron has to be Cleveland Bron from here on out, the Heat won’t win a title.