Dwyane Wade Says He’s Spending a Lot of Time at Chris Bosh’s House

Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh

Bosh and Wade haven’t been playing well and LeBron hasn’t been shy in saying that they have struggled and he needs them. They had just enough to get by the Pacers, but the Spurs are going to be a bigger challenge.

Wade is a curious guy, part of the reason he has been successful is because he is so brazenly arrogant, whereas Bosh is a lot more sensitive. I wonder what these conversations were about.

LeBron is going to get the majority of the blame if the Heat lose. Doesn’t matter if you think that is fair or unfair, that will be outcome.  Blame Skip Bayless if you like.

But, this year some of that blame would also be put on Wade and that has never happened before. There are already whispers that the Big 3 will be broken up sooner than later, so keep an eye on how Wade plays.

If he can’t be consistent throughout the series, it won’t only be the King getting backlash.