Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Served Pat Riley With Subpoena During Game 5

siohvaughn funches mugshot

Even though Dwyane Wade has given his Ex-Wife a $1 million and pays her $25k a month in spousal support (Wade has custody of their two boys, so he doesn’t pay child support), Siohvaughn Funches wants more.

Wade’s salary is public record, but her lawyers have been trying to track down Pat Riley to testify at the divorce hearings over spousal support. Riley had avoided being served, but Funches lawyers said if they had to they would serve Riley at the NBA Finals.

According to Gossip Extra they got to him earlier than that.

Miami Heat boss Pat Riley was properly served his subpoena at yesterday’s Heat-Indiana Pacers NBA playoff game at American Airlines Arena!

“I guess the Heat read your story,” said process server Chris Yeoman of Gotcha Legal Services. “We figured we’d try it again and we went back to the arena.

“This time, their lawyer came out and was very nice and polite, and accepted service for Riley. Everything suddenly became very easy.”

I have a hard time taking Funches seriously when she is employing attorneys from “Gotcha Legal Services”.  She is planning on taking Wade and apparently Riley back to court later this summer.