Ed Reed Says Don’t Be Surprised If He Misses Some Games for Texans


Sometimes people get caught up in the name and ignore what their eyes are telling them. Reed did not play that well for the Ravens last year, especially down the stretch.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a liability, but he wasn’t the Ed Reed people have come to know. So, I wasn’t surprised that the Ravens let him go and the Texans are praying his body holds up.

Reed says that he isn’t going to do anything to put his body in jeopardy after back surgery.

“I plan on being back for Week 1,” Reed said after visiting the White House, according to Ravens.com. “But as you’ve known me for the longest time, I’m going to be smart about my injuries and make sure I’m there for the later part of the season when the team really needs me.”

Good luck Texans Fans.