Ex Rutgers Assistant Says Mike Rice Treated Players Like Slaves (Audio)


I wonder if he could do all over again, if former Rutgers assistant Eric Murdoch would have gone through with his plans to bring former head coach Mike Rice down.

Former Rutgers assistant coach Eric Murdoch now has the reputation of whistle-blower and snitch after getting the ball rolling on the whole mistreatment controversy.

In April, ESPN’s Outside the Lines released practice tapes provided by Murdock’s attorneys, showing Rice shouting gay slurs and profanities at his players, as well as physically abusing them. Rice was fired April 3.

The Star Ledger is reporting that a day before his contract as director of basketball operations at Rutgers expired last summer, Eric Murdoch told other members of Mike Rice’s staff that Rice treated his players “like slaves,” according to a taped conversation obtained by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The tape, which is approximately 11 minutes in length, includes Murdoch making repeated references to slavery and also contains profanity.

The tape was obtained by the Chronicle of Higher Education as part of an open-records request.

“Just cracking the whip,” Murdock says on the recording. “That’s all you’re doing. You’re cracking the whip.” And, he continues, when a player “can’t deliver you cut his toe off like … Kunta Kinte.”

A Rutgers spokesperson declined comment because there is pending litigation involved.

Murdock’s comments, according to the Chronicle, were directed at David Cox, who served as an assistant to Rice and has been retained on staff by new coach Eddie Jordan.

Cox like Murdoch is black. In the recordings, Murdock tells Cox that he is determined to tell the truth about Rice.

 Murdock said he didn’t expose Rice in the past because “you’ve got to respect the boss.”