ESPN Bill Simmons Takes Shot at Stephen A.; Upset NBA Countdown Show Sucks


bill simmons rips skip bayless

Curious if this gets a fine or suspension. He hasn’t been able to hold his tongue a lot on social media and suddenly it boiled over last night.

One of his jokes (that has been said a million times by others) was edited by Sportscenter and that set him off.

Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons 2

Simmons probably won’t return to the NBA Countdown set next year, he seems annoyed by the fact they are terrible and his frustrations are starting to boil over.

This isn’t the first time Simmons has lashed out about the direction of the show.

“I’d like to see us take more chances,” Simmons told Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch in early June. “I never wanted to do a traditional studio show and I never wanted us to feel like every other ESPN studio show.

The problem isn’t Simmons, it is Magic Johnson. As long a Magic is the main person talking all the time, the show will never prosper. If they had a proper host with Wilbon, Jalen and Simmons, it might be a little better.


  1. Magic Johnson is a great dude and I respect his HOF career. But his basketball analysis is fairly simplistic and he doesn’t provide any unique or fresh perspective on the game. Bill Simmons is okay I guess, but he often tries to be a wise ass in his own subtle way. They should drop Magic and/or Simmons and bring in Greg Anthony becasue he’s one of the best NBA analysts out there.

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