Fan Says Scottie Pippen Spit at Him & Punched Him in Face


Scottie Pippen Fan

Someone is lying.

Pippen’s version of events go like this.  He was minding his own business, he declined to take a photo with the fan, the fan spit at Pippen, called him a N*gger and then Scottie beat him down.

The fan’s version is a little different according to TMZ.

The fan, his girlfriend and Scottie eventually ended up sitting near each other … so the fan says he asked to take a photo with the NBA legend for his 12-year-old son.

According to the guy, Scottie didn’t want to get up from his table to pose with him, but allowed the fan to take a photo of him sitting down.

When the fan saw Scottie leaving, he says he approached the ex-Bulls star in the parking lot — thinking it wasn’t a big deal — and again asked for a pic WITH Scottie, knowing it would mean a lot to his son.

He tells us Scottie turned and said, “I told you no motherf***er” … and then spit at him and punched him, at which point the victim fell to the ground. He says the last thing he remembers is seeing Pippen’s shoe coming at his face.

As for Pippen’s allegation the man spewed the n-word and spit at him … the fan says not true — “It’s sad to see Scottie is trashing me. I never called him the N word, and I haven’t done anything to that guy … What’s the big deal? Taking one picture with a fan.”

Both stories can’t be true.

The truth as always is somewhere in the middle. Maybe, they were both in each other’s faces and spit started to fly.  Whatever the case the fan at this time doesn’t plan to sue and the police aren’t planning on charging Pippen with any crimes.