Fired Radio Hosts Apologize to Steve Gleason For “Ill Attempt At Humor”

Steve Gleason 2

Nick Cellini, Chris Dimino, and Steve “Steak” Shapiro, the now jobless radio hosts who thought it were humorous to joke about former Saints linebacker Steve Gleason’s battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease, took to Facebook and Twitter to issue apologies.

H/T Pro Football Talk

“I deeply regret the ill attempt at humor from this morning’s show,” Cellini wrote on Facebook on Monday night. “I have personally apologized to Steve Gleason and his wife. The comments were insensitive and offensive and do not represent my personal views regarding the severity of the disease.”

“The sheer stupidity of trying to put this as a failed attempt at humor is not lost on me,” Dimino wrote on Facebook. “My apologies go out first to Steve Gleason and his family. The weight of what he and they are going through did not need to be made heavier or worse by the pure and straight insensitivity of my actions.”

“I love the people and city of New Orleans, always have, always will,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter. “Team Gleason I will work tirelessly to make this up to you.”

An “Ill attempt at humor” is putting it mildly. I still can’t understand what about that they thought would be humorous to anyone.