FL Attorney General Says Blind Judge Overreacted By Throwing Chad Johnson in Jail



From what I can gather, unless you really dislike Chad Johnson on a personal level or you think all domestic violence abusers should be in prison regardless of how they are put there, you agree that the legally blind Judge overreacted when she threw Chad Johnson in jail for 30 days for his infamous butt slap.

The Florida Attorney General agrees as well.

FL Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi how she felt about Judge Kathleen McHugh throwing the book at Chad after he tapped his lawyer’s butt in court yesterday … and here’s the answer we got:

“Although we never condone domestic violence, this event seems to question judicial temperament, not the subject matter before the court.”

In layman’s terms she is saying the legally blind judge was in her feelings when she made the ruling and was wrong. Chad is stuck in jail until at least Monday.


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