Floyd Mayweather Sr. Says Canelo Fight Can Be “As Easy As Guerrero”

Floyd Mayweather Sr


The Mayweather’s have never lacked confidence heading into a boxing match. This time the ammunition is supplied from Floyd Mayweather Sr., Floyd’s father/head trainer. Floyd Sr. is in charge of watching and dissecting the film for Floyd’s fights and from what he’s seen Canelo isn’t that much better than Guerrero.

Floyd Sr. said this when asked by Boxing Scene about the upcoming fight:

“I think this fight can be as easy as Guerrero. I would’ve made him come to 150. I would’ve made him suffer. I would’ve said, ‘I’m not helping you out, I’m not giving you nothing’.”

“Whatever Alvarez throws, we plan on catching what he does and countering, whatever he does. Whatever he does, believe me, Floyd is going to be ahead of him.”

Canelo Alvarez I’m sure would disagree with the statements above. He is fighting at a comfortable 150lbs and not down in the 140’s. That will allow him to keep his power advantage over Mayweather Jr. and not sacrifice his pre-fight hydration.

I’m going to assume that these are just the usual cocky pre-fight statements from the Mayweather camp and not a sign of taking Canelo lightly.

Floyd isn’t at the point in his career where he can take a fighter lightly and risk his unblemished record.

One thought on “Floyd Mayweather Sr. Says Canelo Fight Can Be “As Easy As Guerrero”

  • Yes Canelo has power but he lacks in latteral movement.The boy is stiff as a penis in a room with beyounce naked.He has power but unlike pac man he cant force his power on his opponents.His defense is sub par at best.He is a bad match for floyd.His style of boxing is what floyd is desighn to defend.If he wonts to win.He will have to keep the fight in the middle of the floor.He can not offord to follow mayweather like most power punchers do.Keep the fight in the middle of the ring.Throw 2 punches at a time(mayweather will easily counter any out of rythm combo).End the rounds like oscar dela hoya use to with flurries of accurate rib shots.

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