Former Auburn Player Varez Ward Charged for Point Shaving



According to a story via Ryan Phillips of Rumors and Rants, former Auburn University basketball player Kyievarez “Varez” Ward, has been indicted by the FBI for point shaving.

Apparently, Ward is said to have conspired with gamblers to throw games during the 2011-12 college basketball season. Some of his teammates were suspicious of Ward and reported him to head coach Tony Barbee, which led to the university involving the FBI.

Ward was suspended prior to the team’s game on February 25, 2012, and is said to be facing two bribery-related counts for “commerce to influence, in any way, by bribery a sporting contest, with knowledge that the purpose of such scheme was to influence by bribery.”

Auburn’s January 25, 2012 loss to Arkansas and February 7, 2012 68-50 loss to Alabama, where Ward scored only three points after dropping 24 the game before, are the games that are being looked at. Ward played 17 games for Auburn that season, averaging 8.9 points and 3.8 assists before his suspension was enforced.

This is one of the more disgraceful and unforgivable acts that an athlete who is involved in a team sport, can be found guilty of. If Varez is found guilty of these charges not only will he face jail time, but he’ll also cast utter shame upon his school and family’s name.



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