Former Bengals Cheerleader Engaged to her Former Student she had sex With



Sarah Jones, the former Kentucky high school teacher and ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who confessed to having a sex with her at the time, 17-year-old student Cody York,  is said to now be engaged to the young man.

According to a story via USA Today, the 28-year-old, plead guilty to felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual conduct in October and is now banned from ever coaching or teaching again.

Jones announced her engagement to the now 19-year-old college student on her Facebook page where photos of the two kissing were posted for public consumption, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.


The ex-Bengals cheerleader, performed for the team for five seasons and hasn’t been back since the relationship went public; Jones now works in the paralegal profession.

Maybe it says a lot about me that I don’t have an issue with this relationship, if they’re happy together let them be, I’ve seen worse.


3 thoughts on “Former Bengals Cheerleader Engaged to her Former Student she had sex With

  • Damn shame that statutory rape is a double standard! This woman is a pedophile and should be in prison!

    • If you are a straight dude or even a gay dude youve wanted to give the pipe to a teacher. Theres no double standard teenage boys just are mentally different with sex than teenagae girls. And a Woman cant overpower a teenage boy, the same way a Man could overpower a teenage girl. Its all context.

  • All I know is that she is taking that kid for a looooooooong ride.

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