Former NFL Kris Jenkins Defends Paula Deen’s Use Of Racial Slurs

paul deen and kris jenkins

60 minutes of love and affection can go a long way with certain people just ask former NFL defensive tackle Kris Jenkins. The former Jets and Panthers player is coming to the defense of Paula Deen, who is under heavy scrutiny after admitting to using racial slurs. A year ago, Jenkins appeared on Deen’s Food Network show Paula’s Best Dishes, and believes his personal interaction with Deen outweighs her mistake of using the “N” word. Jenkins spoke with the Metro New York about his expeience with Deen:

“She graced me with the opportunity to be on her show. While I was there, I had an amazing time, and [an] amazing experience. I saw something there that was a little different from what everyone knows of her…. The lady was a sweetheart to me; [her] making a mistake I’m not going to be the one to make a big deal of it. I got to see her heart and for me, I don’t look at the ‘N word’ as a bad word like that in this year — in 2013. The reason is because I think the ‘N word’ is more a test of my inner strength as to how strong am I to even be bothered by the word or not.”

“I enjoyed her. Her not being on the show, it’s a drag, but it’s out of my control,” Jenkins said. “Sometimes it strikes me odd that when you give an opinion, everybody wants to condemn for an opinion but if the same shoe was on the other foot, the same people would want to play.”

There’s nothing like throwing the pigskin around the backyard, while cooking up the “option dog” to gain insight into a person’s mind. The cougar charm is strong is some neck of the woods. 

7 thoughts on “Former NFL Kris Jenkins Defends Paula Deen’s Use Of Racial Slurs

  • This Dude just became ANOTHER “Celebrity” HOUSE-NIGGA To Me Though… Zimmerman’s DEFENSE TEAM Need to call Jenkins IMMEDIATELY (YUPPP…) SMDH

  • Gotta stop the coonery. Why we worried about what this southern white woman said 20 years ago? She dont seem racist to me. She had on Michelle Obama on the show a few years ago. I can tell a racist. LEave that poor white woman alone damn.

    • Where is the coonery?

      • This lady lost her job for a word she said 20 years ago. Thats the coonery. Everyone all upset over this. Im black and i just shrugged my shoulders about it. And we wonder why white folk dont like us!

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