French Open Women’s Final Recap: Serena Williams Defeats Maria Sharapova

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Don’t call it a come back, she’s been here for years…but it’s taken her 11 years to win in Paris again .

Serena Williams continues to make her case for becoming the greatest women’s tennis player of all time. She easily dispatched of her biggest competition in the sport in Maria Sharapova, and did so in straight sets winning 6-4, 6-4.

In just an hour and 46 minutes, Serena dominated the red clay in Paris–which has historically given her problems. The problems today were all on the shoulders of Maria Sharapova who fought an uphill battle just to keep up with Ms. Williams all match long.

Sharapova hasn’t had a victory over Serena since 2004, despite taking a 2-0 lead in the first set, it was nothing but Serena from there out. At 26 Sharapova has many years ahead of her, but for now Serena is closing out her career on top, who can stop her?

Tennis, much like the NBA, is a star driven sport and the topic of all time greats is always going to be the pink elephant in the room. So with her 2nd French Open victory along with a number one ranking–the oldest female to hold a world number 1 ranking, can we put Serena in the GOAT category?

She’s knocking on the doors, and easily at this pace has at least 3 years left in her. John McEnroe made a bold proclamation during the broadcast that Serena would indeed get to over 20 majors victories.

The only thing stopping Serena at this point is health, and she seems as fit as ever.

2 thoughts on “French Open Women’s Final Recap: Serena Williams Defeats Maria Sharapova

  • It’s a damn shame Serena doesn’t get the credit she deserves. If Serena were white, she would be one of the biggest female sports stars of all time. Because she is black, mainstream media reports her victories with little energy and enthusiasm. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that the sports world and the networks don’t want Serena to succeed.

  • Remember when tennis suspended Serena for arguing with the referees? The tv networks criticized, insulted and ridiculed her. John McEnroe did the exact same thing throughout the eighties and the sports world celebrated and honored him. They made him a superstar and gave him millions of dollars in endorsements. That sums up what the sports world and the networks think of Serena. It doesn’t matter, Serena stays slaying her competitors and silencing her critics!

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