Friends And Family Gather For Odin Lloyd’s Funeral Saturday

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Two weeks after being shot to death Odin Lloyd is finally being laid to rest.

It was a somber scene that played out early Saturday morning in Mattapan Massachusetts as friends and family of the murdered 27-year-old semi-pro football player gathered for his funeral.

By now the details of his gruesome death are well known, and as of now the process of handing down justice for Lloyd is taking place with Aaron Hernandez–the lead suspect in jail currently.

Lost in the midst of the hoopla surrounding the former Patriots star is the man he’s accused of murdering. The sensationalism of the case and the growing list of evidence have seemed to over shadow the man who was even killed. A browse through social media sites will offer plenty folks buzzing about the murder, but with few offering an ‘RIP’.

Lloyd is being remembered as a class clown with a big heart, and as his mother Ursala Ward states ‘he was my hero. He’s the love of my life.’

The funeral service was held at 10:30 am at the Church of the Holy Spirit, with the viewing at 8:30.

A tragedy for any parent to have to bury their children, and another example of senseless violence plaguing today’s young people. As for Hernandez, things rightfully look grim for him and it’s looking like he and his posse will have the rest of their lives to think about their decisions.



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