Gennady Golovkin Body Blow Knockout of Matthew Macklin (Video)

Gennady Golovkin Body Blow KO Matthew Macklin

GGG is just a machine, that is the only way to describe him. I think Macklin describe it best when he said that GGG’s punches are heavy clubbing blows.

Macklin isn’t a bum, he has fought high quality opponents and held his own, but he was simply destroyed by GGG. It was like watching a monster truck run over a Prius.

For a casual observer, that punch might not look like much, but if you ever had the wind knocked out of you, try to imagine what you felt like. You can’t catch your breath, you feel like you are suffocating and it is very difficult for you to get to your feet.

That is exactly what happens when you get hit with the perfect body punch. Not to mention that GGG hits like he is swinging Thor’s hammer, so it isn’t surprising that Macklin couldn’t make the 10 count. Lot of options for GGG, but whoever gets in the ring next, needs to have a real plan on how to stop the machine.

H/T Deadspin for video.

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