Geno Smith Says He’ll Attend Mark Sanchez’s “Jets West” Camp


Was it a shot fired, or a simply lack of knowledge on the subject.  New York Jets second round pick Geno Smith was asked on Wednesday if he planned to attend Mark Sanchez’s Jets West passing camp that goes on every summer before training camp.

Smith answered the question with a no comment.  Many in the media assumed Smith was taking a swipe at Sanchez.

Today Smith clarified that he answered that way, because he didn’t know what Jets West was according to Pro Football Talk. 

Smith stated that he would go if invited.  Sanchez made it clear yesterday that “everyone,” was invited, so we can assume that Geno is invited as well.

“Mark’s a great guy. He welcomed me with open arms, all these guys have,” Smith said. “I never felt any type of negative vibes from him or any other guy. That’s the good thing about being here, being a rookie and being a part of the Jets.

“I get the opportunity to compete for a starting job, which is very rare, especially at this position, and I also have a great bunch of guys surrounding me who are helping me and who are also pushing me and motivating me on the practice field.”

It will definitely be interesting to see if the heir apparent to the Jets quarterback position actually chooses to rub elbows and get in some work with Sanchez.