Heat Vs Spurs Game 7 Draws Insane Ratings

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A finals which proved to be one for the ages resulted in big ratings for the NBA.

Yesterday’s dramatic conclusion to a legendary Finals resulted in the 2nd highest ratings for an ABC televised game, after game 7 of Lakers vs Celtics in 2010.

All eyes were glued on the screen as the Heat got a narrow victory over the veteran Spurs. In numbers it was 26.3 million, which the second most in general after the 1998’s Bulls vs Jazz series.

At its peak ratings rose to 32.2 million, which was in the latter moments of the game. Overall the game earned a 15.2 share, which for the NBA is like music to their ears.

Compare these Finals numbers to the ratings of last year’s world series between the Tigers and Giants–which averaged a 7.6 rating and 12 share and one has a compelling argument to make about NBA gaining ground on MLB in popularity.

H/T: Deadspin

2 thoughts on “Heat Vs Spurs Game 7 Draws Insane Ratings

  • NBA’s ratings might be big but still no where near the NFL. The Super Bowl draws over 100 million viewers each year. However with Roger Goodell screwing up the game, those numbers may change.

  • Lets look at the international numbers.I can guarantee that when the NBA is put out internationaly there numbers are better then NFL,NHL and Baseball.I travel and alot of people internationaly know who Lebron is.Yet,If i ask them who is tom brady? they dont know.The funny thing is the NFL is an amreican sport that has trouble crossing over internationaly.Baseball is also an american sport that other par-take in.The NBA however is an international sport that the world knows.The order is typically Soccer,cricket,and the NBA(world wide).

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