Jason Kidd Announces His Retirement

Jason Kidd Headband

Writing was on the wall after he didn’t score a point in the Knicks last 394949339 games.

“My time in professional basketball has been an incredible journey, but one that must come to an end after 19 years,” Jason Kidd says.

Kidd is a lock for the Hall of Fame, one of the best passers of our generation.

3 thoughts on “Jason Kidd Announces His Retirement

  • Corporate executives along with the justice system did their math. They carefully calculated that Jason Kidd is more valuable on the court than in jail. Crime is a business and it’s always about making money, not fighting crime!

  • Yeah THE WAY He went out was kinda FUCKED UP but He’s a 1st BALLOT Hall-of-Famer Though (NO DOUBT…)

    The Triple-DBLs ALONE put him in An ELITE CLUB Though… EASILY All-Time TOP 10 Point Guard and I’ll put him ABOVE Steve Nash becuz THOSE 2 MVPs were STR8 FRAUDULENT!!!!! #SMDH

    Magic, Oscar, Cousy, Isiah, GP, and Stockston are the ONLY Point Guards that I can LEGITIMATELY Put Ahead of Him Though (YUPPP…)

  • NOW That I really THINK About it… J-Kidd is a TOP 5 All-Time Point Guard Though (YUPPP…) Magic Maybe (And I SERIOUSLY MEAN Maybe…) a Better Passer and Oscar’s 6-7 year Run at AVERAGING a Triple-DBL are the ONLY ONES deserving of being Ahead of HIM (MmmHmm….)

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