Jason Kidd Says The Nets are a Championship Caliber Team

Jason Kidd Headband

When you make a surprise hire like the Nets did and the person you hire has no coaching experience at any level, be prepared to be second guessed.

As soon as there is any type of trouble, Kidd is going to be under the microscope. He can’t afford any slip ups on or off the court.

He is getting a tremendous opportunity, that others have worked years for and never gotten. Don’t blow it Jason.

“I’m a rookie,” said Kidd, officially hired on Wednesday night. “I go from being one of the oldest players in the league to now a rookie coach. I’m very excited about the challenge. I think being here in Brooklyn we have a special opportunity to achieve that status as to being a championship-type-caliber team, and I’m looking forward to being part of that, helping with the structure and sharing things I [brought to the table] as a player such as being unselfish, communicating and being tough, and hopefully I can get that across to the guys.”

“Yes, I have a lot to learn about coaching,” Kidd added. “But when I played the game, I felt like I was an extension of the coach. Now I look at Deron to be that guy.”