Jay Z Now Officially A Certified NBA, MLB Agent


Jay Z may not be out the woods with the NFLPA’s inquiry into him being a runner, but he can definitely now proceed with business in the NBA and Major League Baseball.

ESPN.com is reporting that Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports president Juan Perez are now officially certified and licensed to work as agent in the NBA and MLB.

It’s not clear how soon Jay-Z can represent players. A source close to the situation said that, as of Wednesday, Jay Z still had not sold his small ownership share of the Brooklyn Nets.

Reports are that Jay-Z might still be able to sign players as long as he agrees to sell off his share of the Nets in the near future.

Owners of NBA teams cannot represent players.

Jay’s first NBA signing is expected to be Kevin Durant any moment now.  Durant informed Rob Pelinka that his services were no longer needed.

Roc Nation Sports now has signed New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith and former Notre Dame guard Skylar Diggins.

4 thoughts on “Jay Z Now Officially A Certified NBA, MLB Agent

  • so now he can Officially screw over some nba players

  • Talk to me when Jay-Z becomes a certified college graduate! Talk to me when Jay-Z graduates from law school. I said it before and I will say it again, Jay-Z is going to screw all of these athletes the same way he screwed Larry Johnson!


    • all these morons see is his name/popularity , they don’t even see that he is just going to boost his name at their expense

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