Jerry Jones Says Bill Callahan Will Call Plays For Cowboys, Jason Garrett Disagrees


Dallas Cowboys v Cincinnati Bengals

It is never a good sign for the head coach when the owner takes away his play-calling duties. It undermines his authority with the entire team.

Jason Garrett has never seemed to be in charged of the Cowboys, at times last year it appeared Rob Ryan was acting more like the head coach than Garrett.

Even though Garrett has bristled at the notion that play calling should be taken out his hands, it doesn’t matter when the real coach of the Cowboys lays down the law.

Garrett doesn’t seem that pleased.


  1. Jerry Jones signs Tony Romo for $106 million dollars. Then he hires Bill Callahan, the same guy who ruined the Oakland Raiders ten years ago. Finally he hires Monty Kiffin, the same guy who led USC to one of their worse seasons in recent memory. Cowboy fans enjoy another season of not making the playoffs. Jerry Jones has lost his mind!

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