Jets Mike Goodson Hit With Paternity Suit For Fathering 4 Kids in 6 Years

Mike Goodson

When you sign with the Jets it appears your career just goes into shambles. Mike Goodson is already dealing with DUI, drug and weapon charges from an incident that happened last week on the freeway, now a woman is coming forward saying she wants money for the kids he allegedly fathered with her years ago.

Goodson, arrested May 17 in New Jersey on drug and weapons charges, is being slapped with a paternity suit by a Houston woman demanding child support for the four children he allegedly fathered from 2005 to 2011. The suit was filed Thursday in Harris County (Texas) Court. 

In the court papers, obtained by, Ashlee Wilson is suing for retroactive child support, lump-sum child support and health insurance. 

She filed an action against him in August, 2010, suing for support of three children, but the case was never pursued. In an interview last week, Wilson declined to say why she didn’t. She was living with Goodson’s mother at the time. Her Houston-based attorney, Glenn Lilly, indicated last week that she had reconsidered and would file a suit. 

Wilson and the four children now live with her parents.

She reconsidered because once Goodson contract information was out in the news after his arrest, she realized she might have gotten short changed.

The other reason she dropped the case before is because obviously she still had a relationship with Goodson.  How are you going to be suing someone for paternity and having a baby by him at the same time?

Regardless of the reasoning, it hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for Goodson.  Smarten up and use a condom for goodness sakes, not pun intended.