Jim Leyland Upset At Justin Verlander For Trying To Avoid Being Pulled From Game

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An oddly tense moment occurred in Friday’s game between Tiger’s ace Justin Verlander and manager Jim Leyland.

Verlander is a horse, so after 7 innings of pure domination he wasn’t ready to be pulled out. Jim Leyland would have none of it, though.

On his way to the dugout Verlander purposely avoided Leyland who was waiting for him on the stairs to give him the infamous ‘your time’s up’ handshake. Verlander knew what his fate was had he taken the stairs where Leyland was and instead opted for the other set of stairs.

Leyland then caught hold of Justin and in an awkward encounter told him his time was up. What was a bit of a joke by Verlander was anything but with Leyland stating

“I didn’t think it was comical at all”

Leyland’s a super old school guy, so it’s not surprising that he didn’t giggle at Verlander’s trick. Verlander himself has laughed it off, stating he simply wasn’t ready to come out.

Lighten up there, Jim. Have a cigarette.

H/T: Guyism