Joey Crawford Lead Official For Game 6 of NBA Finals

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This is David Stern giving a middle finger to the world.

Joey Crawford is so bad, you can’t really say he is helping or hurting any team, but just having him on the court will make people question whatever happens in Game 6.

Just irresponsible by Stern, but he doesn’t care about what the fans think, he just wants those ratings.

3 thoughts on “Joey Crawford Lead Official For Game 6 of NBA Finals

  • The picture says it all.

  • crawford is a terrible referee in general , just like you stated , but of course people will say he is going to help the heat. the whole finals has favored the spurs anyway

  • This is definitely an L for the Spurs then. Honestly the officiating has been horrible the entire series the NBA is fixed they are making sure this series goes to 7 and favor the Heat to win it.

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