John McEnroe Calls Rafael Nadal Best Tennis Player Ever, Despite 1st Round Loss (Video)

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John McEnroe does the Grand Slam commentary year round for men’s tennis and made a pretty bold statement after Rafael Nadal’s shocking 1st round exit at Wimbledon.

The question of who is the greatest to have ever played the sport of tennis can be even more intense than a Lebron vs MJ debate in basketball. With a lot to take into account in a solo sport, it only makes the argument that more wide open. But McEnroe (a candidate in his own right) held back nothing in declaring the following:

“This guy is to me, I think you can make an argument right here and now, the greatest player that ever lived, …If you look at his record against [Andy] Murray, [Roger] Federer, and [Novak] Djokovic, it’s way better than that. He won the Olympics. He’s got Davis Cups, which Roger doesn’t have. I have always said Roger Federer to me was the greatest player that ever lived, certainly the most beautiful player. But I’m going to tell you right here and now there’s a definite argument, I’m starting to lean toward Rafa.”

Bold, bold words especially in light of the fact Rafa was knocked out by 135th seeded Steve Darcis in round 1 at Wimbledon.

McEnroe’s a man whose insight on the sport should always be valued, so what may seem as far-fetch may not be.

McEnroe continues to stand behind his words even after the shocking defeat


Agree or is he off base?