Johnny Manziel Tweets He Can’t Wait to Leave Texas A&M


Johnny Football still hasn’t quite grasp the concept that he is a celebrity and while he should be able to do whatever he wants, it doesn’t quite work like that when you are always under the spotlight.

When you are in that spotlight, everything you do will be dissected.

Not sure what got him all worked up, but Twitter is not the right place to voice those frustrations.

Johnny Manziel Tweet

The Tweet has already been deleted and he probably use the hack excuse, but he needs to understand he isn’t just one of the guys anymore.   He has to think of it like he is getting his Miranda rights read anytime he steps outside of his house or before he Tweets.

“You have the right to remain silence, anything you say or do can be used against you”

Manziel tried to clean it up his mistake.

No one wants to hear that, because I am sure there is a lot worse shoes to be in than Johnny Manziel’s shoes

There is a ton of pressure on Manziel this season.  If he falters in any way, the media and fans will be quick to remind him of everything he has done in the off-season.  Is that fair?  Maybe, maybe not, but when you are the Heisman Trophy winner, it is what you have to deal with and the quicker Manziel figures that out, the quicker he can deal with the BS.

15 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel Tweets He Can’t Wait to Leave Texas A&M

  • fuck them

  • Don’t fret Johnny, you don’t have long to wait. Alabama will run you out of College Station in September. Roll Tide!!

  • Who taught this person to write? He repeatedly makes grade-school mistakes.

    • Thanks Jack….I hate spelling errors as well…seems to me if you are in the media business, you pay more attention to detail. Thus the professional tag is given…otherwise, you look foolish.

      • AMEN!!! Please have someone else proofread if you have grammar issues.

        • I’ll bet he had a lot of red marks on his homework!

    • Hey Jack – since when is grade school hyphenated?

  • Yeah walk in the shoes of the Heisman winner, and future top 5 pick, must be rough. I would much rather be a homeless man, or maybe somebody who is completely bankrupt, but definitely not Manziel.

  • Right to remain silence? Where did the writer go to school? Inner city Chicago?

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