Judge Delays Pat Riley’s Deposition in D Wade’s Divorce Trial Until After Finals



D Wade’s ex-wife is trying to get more money out of him, even though he has already given her a million dollars and pays her $25k a month in spousal support (Wade takes care of the kids).

Her attorneys believe Wade is hiding money and served Pat Riley with a subpoena to get him to testify at the trial. The deposition was suppose to be today, but according to Gossip Extra the judge had other plans in mind.

A judge in Chicago scheduled to preside over a July trial expected to determine how much of their marital fortune D Wade will be ordered to pay ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches asked this week that Riley’s deposition be postponed until after the next champion is declared.

Riley is to be grilled under oath about Wade’s salary and incentives as a Heat player.

If the judge was a salty Bulls fan, he could have made things a lot more difficult on Riley and the Heat.


  1. Did you get a payment confirmation noticed after these payments were made??..she said those numbers are false and the monthly payments are not on time if they come at all..we will never know who is telling the truth, she is crazy and he is a male who acts like he has a vagina so both can bend the truth for sympathy.

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