Judge Dismisses Shaq’s Mistress Lawsuit, Says She’s a Fraud

Shaq vanessa_lopez

The Diesel scores a victory as the Judge laid the smackdown to his former mistress Vanessa Lopez. She was suing Shaq for numerous things trying to get paid, but the Judge wasn’t having any of it.

“[Lopez] lied often. She lied about facts important to the defense, and she demonstrated an utter disrespect for the system of justice,” the judge stated.

Among Lopez’s lies — the judge says Vanessa claimed she “did not know of” any previous restraining orders that had been issued against her … when there were official records showing she was hit with one stemming from a case involving an ex-boyfriend.

The judge says there’s also proof she lied about her legal history with NBA star Kenyon Martin … who had accused her of stealing his credit card and running up charges.

The Judge dismissed the cased based on her fraudulent activities and she won’t be allowed to re-file.

One thought on “Judge Dismisses Shaq’s Mistress Lawsuit, Says She’s a Fraud

  • If this chick were white, Shaq would have been arrested! If you disagree with me, ask Kobe Bryant what happened to him when he screwed around with a white girl!

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