Judge Who Claimed She Saw Chad Johnson’s Butt Slap, Is Legally Blind

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I don’t know what it is about Chad Johnson, but any story involving him is always littered with strange tidbits. After Johnson was thrown jail for the butt slapped heard around the world, many people started to ask about the judge who overreacted to the slap.

The judge’s name is Katie McHugh and according to Gossip Extra it would have been nearly impossible for her to see the butt slap because she is legally blind.

Rookie judge Katie McHugh, who won her seat in November in an upset win over ethically-challenged former County Commish Ilene Lieberman, called herself “legally blind” during campaign appearances.

McHugh, 44, said she suffers from Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic condition.

And her handicap has made it impossible for her to obtain a driver’s license.

Yet, on Monday morning, McHugh told Johnson: “I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside!”

Gossip Extra asked McHugh how she could have seen Johnson if she is nearly blind but she has yet to comment.

What really happened was that she heard the laughter and pieced together what happened. Chad’s attorneys will be back in court tomorrow to try to get him out of jail.

6 thoughts on “Judge Who Claimed She Saw Chad Johnson’s Butt Slap, Is Legally Blind

  • Damn that’s fucked up even though Chad is a clown he didn’t deserve this.

  • Chad got hosed! Power-tripping judge should be reprimanded (at the least). One wonders whether a white defendant would have received the same treatment.

    • Tim Tebow would have gotten a chuckle from her blind ass. Tea-bagging racist bitch. Perhaps she should reprimand the shiney-faced bailiff that was laughing his fat-ass off? How about holding the dumb bitch who chuckled in contempt of court for being disruptive, after-all SHE is the one who laughed out loud, right? Prior to EVERY court session, attendees are given strict instruction to STFU! Power-tripping rookie judges like her are out to find victims to make examples of so they can prove themselves. Having a national spotlight to humiliate the man was the icing on the cake. I guarantee you, the court staff, officers and admins secretly hate her ass. Drug-dealing low-lifes get a slap on the wrist and probation. Ocho gets 30 days for a slap on the ass. American justice at its finest.

      • Amen- power trippin racist enjoyed EVERY second of it. Makes me sick

      • I’m amazed that the media and their “know it all” talking heads haven’t been more of a vocal about the clear and absolute abuse of power by that racist bitch. You wonder why there are more blacks in jail than whites. Hmmm…

  • …Bitch tells a professional athelete a/k/a a “jock” that he should thank his awesome lawyer for the good job he did, he pats the man on the butt as a gesture (doing what the power-tripping judge told him to do) and get’s 30 days in jail because someone sitting in the room laughed about it. WOW!

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