Kate Upton Sends Bitter Subtweet To Ex Boyfriend Justin Verlander


black sports online kate upton sends subtweet justin verlander


Maybe he’s the one who got away?

SI covergirl Kate Upton took a jab at her rumored ex boyfriend Justin Verlander on twitter with this tweet

kate upton bashes verlander


For those in need of the background story, Frank Viola III–who’s the son of the world series champion Frank Viola, is very close friends with Justin Verlander. Ouch…

What’s even more damning is the fact Kate soon deleted that tweet and replaced it with this

When it comes to Kate and Justin it’s best just to read between the lines and take the small bits of bait they give us about their ‘time’ together.

Yes, even women with Kate’s looks feel the need to subtweet their exes…


  1. Kate Upton looks good now, but in ten years she might look as ugly as Honey Boo Boo’s mother. Blondes don’t last long!

  2. Kate Upton is all chest and has the body of a damn wall = NO ASS AT ALL Her Stomach is flabby and she’s 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts away from being Rosey O’Donnell..

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