Kobe Bryant Suggests He’ll Play Beyond 2014, Still in Search of That 6th Ring


No one knows for sure what version of Kobe will come back after his achilles injury. One thing people should remember, is that when you are an intelligent basketball player you can compensate for your athletic abilities declining.

We have seen that from Kobe, who isn’t the same guy he was 5-10 years ago athletically, but is such a smart and driven basketball player, his production hasn’t dropped off a lot.

Many assumed that the 2013-14 season would be his last, but seeing Tim Duncan in the Finals, seems to have  his competitive juices flowing.

On Friday, Kobe Bryant suggested he might play beyond his current contract with the Lakers.

Bryant, whose deal expires after this season, spoke to Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio about the possibility of San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan tying the Lakers guard with five NBA titles.

“My goal is to win more than five,” said Bryant. “If he does win five, hopefully that pushes our organization upstairs to be even more determined and more driven to make the necessary expenses to make sure we continue the next year and the year after that.”

I think Bryant knows the best chance for the Lakers may not be next year, but the year after that.  When their cap is in better shape and there will be a fresh crop of free agents available.

A lot depends on what happens with Dwight Howard.  The Lakers really can’t make any moves until he makes a decision and with Dwight’s personality, who knows when that will be.

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  • The only chance Kobe has of getting a sixth ring is if he plays for a team not called the Lakers!

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