Ladies & D Wade Won’t Be Allowed to Bring Purses into NFL Stadiums

Dwyane Wade Purce

I am not exactly sure what brought on the policy change on, but if you are a young lady or young man #nohibbert who likes to carry a purse into NFL Stadiums, you are out of luck now.

The NFL is now prohibiting purses and other similar bags from pro football stadiums.

A team source alerted PFT to the looming change in the NFL’s policy regarding bags. The NFL has confirmed that the policy, primarily intended to enhance safety, was revised based on the recommendation of the Stadium Security and Fan Conduct Committee.

Fans will be encouraged to bring no bags of any kind to NFL stadiums. Starting with the 2013 preseason, only certain bags will be permitted.

Similar to the airport you can bring your belongings in a clear plastic bag or buy a clear plastic NFL tote bag to put your things in.

Maybe if you tell security it is European they might let you slide through.