LeBron James Admits The Spurs Are in His Head

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Ask any comic book guy who would win in a battle between Batman and Superman.

The overwhelming majority would pick Batman, even though Superman is the alien with infinite power. Why do you think they would do that?

The reason is simple, brains can still beat brawn if the person with the brains is smart enough. Batman unlike almost every other superhero has no special powers. Even his suit isn’t as cool or well equipped as say Iron Man. Batman is called The World Greatest Detective for a reason. He is just smarter than everyone else.

Right now Greg Popovich is Batman and LeBron James is Superman. Like Superman LeBron is smart guy in his own right and always tries to do the right thing, but at the moment is a bit befuddled now by Batman’s antics.

So what is Superman to do? Is he going to keep playing nice or will he lobotomize Batman with his Heat vision? Game 4 coming up tomorrow.

One thought on “LeBron James Admits The Spurs Are in His Head

  • Hopefully he realizes that he has to be the bad guy and attack.He is being fooled by the Defense they give him a shot but all he has to do is drive no matte what.Damn what they give you just drive intill they fold and they will dont belive what you see LBJ.

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