LeBron James Going Back to the Headband in Game 7


LeBron James Headbandless

We will always have the Headband Game even if LeBron goes back to rocking the XXXXXXXL Headband.

There is really no need to go back to the headband, we have seen the light of the hairline, there is no more damage that can be done at this point.

Should have cut it all off and just went Bald Bron.


  1. did you see how many times he had to wipe his face/forehead for sweat after it came off? you do know that a headband has a real purpose right?

  2. It wouldn’t be to far-fetched to say Rob is in denial just like Bron when it comes to the hairlines. Both could whack it off, just funny to hear somebody with the same struggles poke fun. HILIARIOUS!

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