LeBron James Tweets That Danny Green Did Not Party With Heat After Finals



A lot was made of the fact that Danny Green was seen partying with the Miami Heat at Story Nightclub following his teams defeat on Thursday night. Green himself said he was not partying with the Heat.

Today, LeBron James tweeted out an explanation about Danny Green’s presence.

Really, nobody should care. I dont care if Michael would have never partied with Karl Malone or Larry and Magic wouldnt be caught dead together. Modern NBA is like pro-wrestling. There are heels and face, but if you run into them at a bar, they will probably be drinking together. No need to manufacture hate when you play a game.


  1. “Modern NBA is like pro-wrestling”
    Here you go agian supporting propaganda.The NBA is nothing like wrestilng and today’s game is just as yesterdays game.Micheal did hang out with charles oakly.Wilt and russel eat thanksgiving dinner together.Stop the bull hockey.

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