LeBron on D Wade & Bosh: “Obviously They’re Both Struggling”

Lebron NWO

I thought this might happen at some point with the Heat, just not so quickly. It is more about Wade than Bosh. Bosh isn’t the #2, so he has to sort of figure out ways to get himself involved.

Wade is the guy who needs to take the pressure of LeBron, so he doesn’t have to become Cleveland Bron. That isn’t happening right now and you can tell it is weighing LeBron’s mind.

“We can state the obvious: They’re both struggling,” Heat forward LeBron James said. “Chris is struggling with his shot, and hurting his ankle didn’t help him. He will find it. It’s my job as a leader to keep him motivated, to let him know how important he is to our movement (and) to our chances of returning to the Finals.”

This could all just be a blip on the radar and the Heat could still easily win the NBA Title or it could all come crashing down tonight in Game 7 or against the Spurs.

Stay tuned.